Generational Investing

With Tomorrow in Mind

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From Our Chairman

"We in Temasek remain committed to our mission to generate sustainable returns beyond our present generation; to make a difference, where we can, by fostering development and progress for our wider communities across generations."

"Our focus on sustainability anchors our philosophy of generational investing. It encompasses sound and sustainable governance, values and culture of integrity and excellence as an organisation, and an abiding respect for our larger community and the world in which we live."

"As we continue our journey of generational investing, we look forward to working together, to growing collectively, and to making a difference in everything we do."

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From Our Chairman

Ten-year Performance Overview

Our net portfolio value almost doubled over the last 10 years.

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Net portfolio value

Up S$113 billion over the decade


One-year return to shareholder

Total shareholder return of 15% since inception


Dividend income

Average annual dividend income of S$7 billion over the decade


Invested during the year

Invested S$206 billion over the decade


Ten-year return to shareholder

Relatively stable long term returns over the decade


Exposure to Asia

Singapore exposure up S$13 billion over 10 years

Portfolio Highlights

Our net portfolio was S$242 billion, with a 60:40 underlying exposure to mature economies and growth regions.

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The Discipline of Temasek

Our dividend income was sufficient to cover our interest expenses 18 times over the year.

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The Discipline of Temasek

Community Stewardship

We have a stake in the well-being of our community, and exercise good stewardship through community contributions in order to make a difference.

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