We invest to deliver long term returns.
We do things today with tomorrow in mind.
We promote sustainability and good corporate governance in our wider community.
We are a generational investor.

Sustainability and Generational Investing

Sustainability has been our watchword, not just in our mission to deliver sustainable long term returns. It is fundamental to the way we shape our values and ethos, and evolve our systems and practices, with an ownership mindset.

Sustainability is the defining challenge of our time. We have a collective responsibility to protect our world and our people. Demographic and social trends, globalisation and technology, climate change and shifting regulations – these will impact us all. They may also offer new opportunities to make a difference.

At Temasek, we are stewards, investing for generations to come.

We share the common desire for fresh air, clean water, fertile land and bountiful nature. We embrace the aspirations and hopes for a better world for everyone.

We consider environmental, social and governance factors together with commercial and other critical considerations when we make decisions as an investor, shareholder and owner.

We encourage all stakeholders to adopt responsible and sustainable practices in their businesses and operations, including the reduction of waste and the proactive prevention of pollution.

We take a long view in our investments, always looking for sustainable solutions, and looking out for the long term interests of our people and our communities. We are committed to share our successes through our endowments to support others to build a better life and have better livelihoods.

The essence of Temasek is a passion to make a difference for the better.

The defining challenge of our time

“Generating returns for our shareholder is just a catalyst for laying the financial foundation for future generations – it’s important that we have future generations in mind when we do business.”

Quote from Temasek staff discussions

Rejuvenating Mandai

When we answered the call to rejuvenate Mandai, we saw an opportunity to go beyond a nature attraction.

Mandai represents an opportunity to invest for our great-great-grandchildren, to amaze them with the majesty of our rainforest heritage in Singapore, and inspire our people with a respect for the diversity and wealth of nature.

Through Mandai Safari Park Holdings, we plan to sensibly conserve Singapore’s tropical heritage in a nature precinct, offer immersive nature and wildlife experiences to all ages, and provide ample public access such as boardwalks, waterways and gardens for our public.

The Mandai rejuvenation is also an opportunity to explore new technologies and create sustainable solutions which can withstand the test of time.

Protecting Our Children

Some years ago, we wanted to encourage Singaporeans to stay prepared for emergencies, such as dangerous pandemics or severe haze. We discovered that no N95 masks provided effective protection for children.

We commissioned ST Engineering to find a solution. They developed the world’s first certified N95 AIR+ Smart Mask with sizes to fit children from age seven and up.

Earlier, during the height of SARS in 2003, ST Engineering had quickly adapted thermal imagers for mass fever screening at airports and public events. These provided reassurance and reduced panic.

We salute the ST Engineering team. They not only delivered innovative solutions; they also share our passion to make a real difference for the vulnerable among us.

Generational Investing

Generational Investing

We choose to place sustainability at the core of everything we do, to make a difference always with tomorrow in mind and leave the world a better place for our children, and their children.

Public Markers

Public Markers

Our Temasek Review, Credit Profile and Temasek Bonds serve as public markers to anchor our commitment to be a robust and disciplined institution through generations.

Financial Discipline

Financial Discipline

At Temasek, we are governed by a set of stringent financial policies.